DyFix Sachets



  • A solution to color bleeding in new clothes.
  • Skin-friendly and Formaldehyde free.
  • Contains anti-fading agents.
  • Applicable on all types of fabrics
  • Available in 10, 15, and 20 sachet combos

Solution to Color Bleeding

Kadam DyFix solution prevents color bleeding in your fabric and keeps them brand new.

Skin Friendly

Kadam DyFix is made from Formaldehyde Free and skin friendly formulae. It means that our product contain no chemicals that are harmful in anyway to your skin.

Anti-Color Fading Agents

Kadam DyFix contains anti color fading and color correcting agents that make fabric colors even brighter.

Long Lasting Effects

Kadam DyFix keeps your fabric brand new for a long time. It prevents the color from bleeding during washes and revives the vibrancy of your fabric.

Applicable on all types of fabrics

Save your new and old clothes from bleeding colors and restore them to their former glory.

How to Use:

1) Empty 1 sachet of DyFix in a container of 5-6 Liters of room temperature water.

2) Submerge your new fabric or dyed fabric in the solution for 10-15 mintues.

3) Wash off excess color from your new or dyed fabric with room temperature water.

4) Your fabric is “dyfixed” and ready to wear after drying!

Important Note:

1. Use immediately after hot dyeing, tie-dyeing, or dip-dyeing to prevent the dye from bleeding into white areas.

2. Submerge up to 2 single-colored fabrics or 1 multicolor fabric in the DyFix solution for best results.

3. Use pH neutral soaps and detergents for washing your fabric to prevent color bleeding and to elongate the life of the fabric.

Dyfix Sachet

10 Sachet, 15 Sachet, 20 Sachet


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