Say hello to Olive Green by Kadam Pakka Rang

Say hello to Olive Green by Kadam Pakka Rang

Say hello to Olive Green! 

Are you ready to dive into the world of hues and tints? Because Kadam Colors has something special to share with you! First things first, Kadam Colors was established in 1962, with a vision of sustainable fashion and empowering individuals to express themselves through the art of dyeing. The leading product Kadam Pakka Rang is one of the best examples of our dedication to sustainability and innovation, with its 31 shades creating a palette full of bright and long-lasting colors.

Now, there’s yet another addition to the palette of 31 shades of Kadam Pakka Rang  – the all-new Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang! Yes, you heard it right – Olive Green is here for a takeover of your wardrobe like never before. 

It's not just any green; it's the green that makes a million heads turn. Let's know more about Olive Green! 

What Will Olive Green Dye?

Now, let’s talk about what can be dyed with Olive Green? The answer is simple - almost everything! Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang works great on fibres like cotton, linen, silk, wool, and all others that can be listed. Make Olive Green your go-to shade, whether you want to repurpose your old t-shirt, give your wardrobe a makeover, or create handcrafted gifts like dyed mobile covers!

However, Kadam Pakka Rang are not suitable for Polyester, but other than that the dyes can be used on any fabric and for any technique! In a nutshell, Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang is versatile, easy to use, and perfect for all your fabrics!

How to Dye with Olive Green?

First things first, let’s talk about how to work with Olive Green shade. The process is as easy as making a cup of chai on a lazy Sunday noon. Here’s a quick process: 


  1. Prepare the Fabric: Make sure your fabric is clean and soaked with tap water for dyeing and is ready to get a transformation.
  2. Mix the Dye: Mix Kadam Pakka Rang Olive Green shade with hot water. Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully to get a beautiful outcome! 

  3. Dip and Soak: Place your fabric into the dye bath for the period mentioned in the instructions, to let the dye penetrate into the fibres.
  4. Lock and Rinse: Place the dyed fabric into Kadam DyFix solution to lock in the color and stop color bleeding. Rinse the fabric until the water runs clear. 

And your Olive Green fabric is ready to catch millions of eyes! 

Start your Next Fabric Dyeing Project!

Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang is an essence of nature’s beauty and a perfect partner for your creativity. Its vibrant shade, easy usage, and versatility with fibres make it a must-have fabric dye for anyone looking to add colors to their wardrobes and lives! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang and let your imaginations come to life! Revive your old favorites or add freshness and vibrancy to your wardrobe, Kadam Colors is here to make your world more colorful! 

It’s bold, It’s beautiful, It’s waiting for you to create something extraordinary.

FAQs about Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang

1. What fabrics can I dye with Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang?

Ans. Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang works on natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, and wool. But, it's not suitable for polyester.

2. How easy is it to dye fabric with Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang?

Ans. The dyeing process is quite simple! You just need to mix the dye with hot water, soak your  fabric, and follow the instructions on the package for timing and rinsing.

3. Can I use Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang to dye old clothes?

Ans. Absolutely! Olive Green is a perfect way to re-dye faded clothes. It's a great way to be sustainable and express yourself through color.

4. What else can I dye with Olive Green Kadam Pakka Rang besides clothes?

Ans. Olive Green is a versatile dye that can be used on various fabrics. You can use it to dye tote bags, pillowcases, tablecloths, or even phone covers!

5. How long will the Olive Green dye last on my fabric?

Ans. Kadam Pakka Rang are the permanent dyes! By following the instructions and using the Kadam DyFix solution, you can ensure that the dye stays vibrant on your fabric for a long time.