Green And Serene

Say hello to Olive green by Kadam Pakka rang

Unleash Your Inner Diva!


Hot Water, Cool Shades!

Immerse Yourself in Colors with Kadam Pakka Rang

Say Yes to Long-Lasting Colors

Vibrant fabrics, wash after wash

Sparkling Glass, Effortlessly Clean

Experience streak-free shine with our sachets
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Hot Water Fabric Dyes

UPSCALE, RECYCLE, RENEW with our hot water fabric dye series. Kadam Pakka Rang hot water dye series is designed to re-dyeing fabrics with professional results.

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A sachet of superior quality fabric dye

Add a new life to your loved apparel that has faded

Upscale your fashion business with Kadam Pakka Rang

Professional support for your business

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Cold Water Fabric Dyes

Unleash your tie-dye creativity with our range of cold water fabric dye series. Perfectly tailored for tie-dye enthusiasts, our collection offers a hassle-free experience. Simply fill the squeeze bottle with tap water, and you're all set to embark on your colorful journey. Let your imagination run wild with our easy-to-use cold water dye series.

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Precision Tip

Reusable Dyes

Skin Friendly

Long Lasting Permanent Dyes

Spiral Lilac Marble Unicorn Tie Dye Reverse Spiral Periwinkle Spiral Coral Red

Tie-Dye Apparels

Each one of these tie-dye t-shirts are hand crafted with traditional hand techniques by localities with environmentally friendly Azo-Free Dyes to give unique and trendy fashionable look.

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100% Cotton T-shirt

Breathable Fabric

Hand-Made Tie Dye

Tie-Dyed with Azo-Free Dyes

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Color Fixer

Kadam DyFix Solution

New clothes sometimes bleed colors and loose vibrancy and so do old clothes overtime. Eventually, they loose their charm and end up discarded. To stop color bleeding and fading we created the Kadam Colors’ Dyfix solution.

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Anti-Color Fading Agents

Skin Friendly

 Formaldehyde Free.

Long Lasting

With Kadam Community

Life Kuch Colorful Ho Jaye

Kadam Colors has been in the dye color business since 1962. It has come a long way from being fabric dye traders to large-scale fabric care solutions provider  and dye manufacturers today.

Kadam Colors’ legacy is the commitment towards sustainability through producing environment friendly fabric dyes. Aiming towards building a community that supports small businesses and share opportunities.