About Us

Bringing Colors to Your Life

Based in Ahmedabad, we go beyond ordinary cloth dyeing. With a legacy back from 1962, we are on a mission to transform the way we think about fashion and sustainability. At Kadam Colors, our story unfolds like a tapestry of colors, woven into the vibrant fabric of India’s history. For over six decades, our journey has been a testament to innovation, sustainability, and a deep-rooted connection with this incredible nation.

Our commitment to sustainability has been at the heart of our journey. Over the years, we have not only adapted to the ever-changing needs of the Indian and global dyestuff markets but have also taken a leading role in shaping their future. One of our proudest achievements is the exclusive Pakka Rang range. Born from decades of formulation expertise since 1962, these colors have become an indispensable part of the textile industry. They are not just ‘made in India’, but ‘crafted for the world’ truly bringing colors to lives across the globe. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of improvement. We have consistently refined our formulations to meet the ever-evolving demands of the textile industry, ensuring that our products stand at the forefront of innovation. Surrounded by 2 lac+ supporters, it helped us to build a community around Kadam Colors, which motivated us to launch a new product name Pollie in our household section. As we step into the future, we carry with us a legacy of over a century, a deep commitment to sustainability, and an unwavering passion for colors. Join us as we continue to shape the world of textiles with our vibrant hues, forged in a partnership with India that has stood the test of time

Our Mission

The Indian Textile Journal reports that one million tons of textiles are discarded annually, primarily from households. Textiles make up about 3% of household waste by weight, and at Kadam Colors, we're determined to reduce this waste. We aim to reshape the fashion industry by cutting fabric waste by a significant percentage through sustainable dyeing methods and innovative solutions. Let's work together to build a more eco-friendly and fashionable future.

Our Vision

At Kadam Colors, our vision is to lead a global shift towards sustainability by reducing fabric wastage. We aim to introduce eco-friendly colors that breathe new life into clothing, simultaneously benefiting both people and the planet. Starting in India, we aspire to inspire change that reverberates worldwide, creating a future where sustainability is at the forefront.