DyFix & Prewashing Fixative Combo

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  • The bottle contains 150 gms of DyFix color fixative solution
  • The color fixative solution is in concentrate form and needs to be diluted in water for use
  • Please read the instructions carefully before using this product to ensure optimal results

Long Lasting

Anti Fading Agents

Eco Friendly

Skin Friendly

How to Use Dyfix

1. Pour 2 caps ( 20ml ) of DyFix solution to 5-6 liters of water in a container

2. Stir the solution and submerge your dyed, tie-dyed, or new fabric in the solution completely

3. Stir your fabric in the solution occasionally and remove it after 10-12 minutes

4. Wash off excess color from your dyed, tie-dyed, or new fabric with room temperature water

5. Your fabric is “dyfixed” and ready to wear after drying!

How to Use Prewashing Fixative Powder

1. Pour the Prewashing Fixative in a container of 10 liters water and stir.

2. Submerge your fabric in the solution and let it rest for 20 minutes.

3. Squeeze off excess water from your fabric and let it remain damped for tie dyeing.

4. Use 1/2 pouch in 5 Liters of water for 1-2 t-shirts.

5. Use full pouch in 10 Liters of water for more than 2 t-shirts.

6.Store the solution in a container for later use.