Kadam Local

For over six decades, Kadam Colors has woven a legacy of innovation and sustainability into the fabric of India’s history. Our exclusive range of products, born from decades of expertise is not just ‘Made in India’ but ‘Crafted for the World’, bringing vibrant colors to lives across the globe. Join us in shaping the world with our commitment to sustainability and unwavering passion for colors.

Industry leader

We are dominating the industry since 1962 with over 20 lakh customer base.

Thriving Community

A thriving online community with more than 100,000 members.

Strong Network

A strong network of 900+
wholesalers and retailers.

High Margin Products

Impressive profit margins ranging from 40% to 70% on MRP products.

Kadam Community

At Kadam, we take pride in our commitment to supporting our community. Over the years, we have played a pivotal role in empowering small business startups and women entrepreneurs, helping them turn their dreams into reality. Many home-based businesses, particularly those involved in dyeing products, and so much more, have benefitted from our expertise and resources. We've witnessed the incredible journey of artisans creating vibrant tie-dye t-shirts and a wide range of other colorful creations, all made possible through the quality dyes and guidance we provide. At Kadam, we believe in nurturing creativity and fostering entrepreneurship within our community, and we will continue to be a dedicated partner in their colorful success stories.